Monday, July 18, 2011

A 3 year old and a Jar of Peanut Butter

I went to get some towels and he had rubbed it all

over his face so he couldn't even see!

I made Bryce hurry and get out of the shower

to see what he had done (that's why he's in a towel).

Jack asked Daddy for a spoonful of peanut butter,

so Daddy gives him a spoon and the whole container

of peanut butter. And this is what happens!

Burkly's 6th Birthday

This year Burk wanted an army themed party.

So we had an obstacle course, a mine field, grenade

launching, and a pinata! It was lots of crazy fun!

This year with the help of Grandparents, we

splurged a little and bought Burk this awsome

birthday present. He and Jack love it!

T-Ball 2011

Burk did T-ball for the first time this year.

He did pretty good and had so much fun!

This is the only pic I have on my camera.

I know it's not very good, but oh well.

Easter 2011

Johnson Family Easter Party!

My Silly Boys March 2011

Jack's 3rd Birthday!

Oh My goodness! Where does the time go?!

My baby is already 3 years old! This is the only picture I have. The rest is video. I do love his big smile with a mouth full of ice cream!

Surprise Arizona Trip!

My sweet husband surprised me with a weekend

getaway to hot, sunny, Mesa! This was in March 2011

so it was nice to go somewhere hot. He told me we

were going to Wendover. I was not so excited to go

there, but excited to spend some alone time with my

hubby. We were in Salt Lake and he told me to get

something out of the glovebox. There were two plane

tickets to Pheonix! I was so shocked! We had a lot of fun

together and got to see some family down there too.

NNot the best picture, I know. But I didn't have

anyone else to take it.

At the Beautiful Mesa Temple!

We went to a renassaince fair. It was fun, we saw

lots of interesting things and people.

Bryce and his giant turkey leg! That thing

was seriously huge. I don't think he even

finished it!

He's so strong, he got it to the top! Jk, but close!

We did knife throwing and shot crossbows, which I

was totally awesome at, unfortunately I don't have pics

of that. But I did hit it right in the middle of the target

and won a dagger!

Me and my Mother-in-law

Bryce and his Mom

Bryce's Grandparents

We some shopping and ate at the delicious cheescake factory!